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Author: pointteck

As Google AdWords Certified Partner with over 5 Years experience in PPC industry, we will provide you with all the help and assistance to set-up and manage effective and profitable campaign in the increasingly complex algorithm and competitive search marketing arena. Counting on our Team skill level, consistent account handling and steady growth, Google and other industry entrepreneurs have ranked us as top-tier professional PPC Agency for Google Ads management.

Royaletag, an online shopping site problems to increase revenue their AdWords and social ads campaigns even working several months with other PPC agencies. By applying innovative technique and adopting Google Ads smart features we achieve our goal. In just 3 months, increased the conversion rate more than 400% and reduced their cost by more than 80%.

School Alaram, a leading school ERP software provider facing problems to increase leads from their AdWords campaigns & struggling to create unique image in the ERP industry because of low budget and new in the market. Our smart campaign optimization technique solves the client problem & able to achieve good number leads and clients.