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School ERP PPC Google AdWords Case Study

School ERP Company Achieves 100% increase Leads in Google Ads



Our client “School Alaram” is a leading School ERP & Manage system software provider for all colleges and schools across in India. The services are available in their website.


When School Alaram* first came to us, The company had very common issue with their AdWords Management. These range from campaign structure, Search terms management, bid and struggling to gain good numbers of quality leads as well as beat his competitors. Also, the company was struggling to create unique image in the ERP industry because of low budget and new in the market.

After analyzing their paid campaign, we discovered numerous opportunities through their account – all the way through marketing strategy, account structure, smart targeting, segmented search ads, responsive ad text, implementing proper conversion tracking and overall optimization.


First, we immediately implemented call and contact form tracking to track the success of campaigns and search terms and use that data to optimize campaigns.  Also, we moved to restructure the account in a way that segmented services and locations allowing us to better analyze performance and optimize different service terms. Aside from a number of other improvements, we also expand the campaigns using some Google smart technique like smart bidding, responsive ads, device-based campaign creation.


Though challenges were complicated because of low budget and higher competition, we were able to make month -month over improvements in Google Ads performance. we saw increase in leads by 100%, increase good number of clients, Increase CTR 40%, decrease CPC by 20%. Before started paid marketing campaign, the company had one client and one member but after 6 months of partner with Us now the company has more than 30+ clients and 8 staffs. Now this client is our permanent partner.

What Differentiates Point Teck

At the end of the day, it’s about result. Clients can expect a highly skilled certified Google Ads team focused on artificial intelligence algorithm based strategy that delivers out of the box result

  • Strategic Vision Planning digital marketing & E-commerce strategies.
  • Artificial Intelligence Based optimization for Net Profit
  • Applying specific technique quarterly basis to keep PPC development up-to-date.
  • Competition Analysis & determine strategies to deliver results through pay per click advertising

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