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Need 10x Your Business with Google Ads!

Increase Your Sales & Generate Leads with Google Ads Management Service

Point Teck is an official Google Partner and specializes in offering different Google Ads PPC management services for SME agency. Don’t let your business get lost in the dust cloud. Get expert AdWords help from a Google insider. Our high-skill Google AdWords optimizer team will monitor 24/7 hrs your traffic intention and results to make final decision on what’s working and elaborate the unhealthy strategies that are not bringing the desired results. We use various free and paid tools to monitor core performance and issues and opportunities based on the market changes.

Professional AdWords Management Pricing By Monthly PPC Spend.

Flexible PPC pricing so you get exactly what you need.

  • $ 299
    Monthly Base Fee
  • Month To Month (No Contract)

    • Percentage of Ad Spend
    • $200 one-time setup fee

  • $ 199
    Monthly Base Fee
  • 6 Month Agreement

    • Percentage of Ad Spend
    • $200 one-time setup fee

  • $ 100
    Monthly Base Fee
  • 12 Month Agreement

    • $200 one-time setup fee
    • Percentage of Ad Spend

All Package Pay a Percentage of Ad Spend

Under $10k/Mo
Ad Spend
Ad Spend
Ad Spend
$50k + /Mo
Ad Spend
10% fee9% fee8% fee7% fee

Google Ads Management Add-Ons

  • $ 100
  • Product Feed Management

    • Up to 20k SKU’s
  • $ 60
  • Call Tracking

    • Up to 1,000 minutes

What You'll Get From Our Personalized Google Ads PPC Services

Our robust AdWords Management Service helps your business increase ROI, simple and plain.</p> <p>If you are facing no e-mail response from your current AdWords agency for your further strategy discussion? It's time to quite the PPC management team.</p> <p>Working with Point Teck Technology means you will get a dedicated team that response your every query, works hard, keep your account accordingly search algorithm updated and focuses on long-term. Your success is our #1 priority

Here's Some of Our Professional Google Ads Management Service will Cover Following

Communicate Directly with AdWords Team

Professional & Creative Text Ad Design

Phone Extensions & Local Ads Extensions

Competitor Analysis

Weekly / Monthly Reporting

Campaigns & Ad Groups Creation

Negative Keywords implement at Ad Groups & Campaign Level

Daily Monitoring & Tracking

Advanced Reporting Monthly

Strategic Vision Planning on Quarterly basis

Quarterly we apply specific technique to keep PPC development up-to-date.

Creative Image Ads & Conversion Tracking

End-to-end Measurement

Thinking beyond ``CTR`` and ``CPC``

Advance Keywords Research

Site Links Extensions Creation

Mobile Ads Implementation

Leads/ Sales Tracking and Improvements.

Support through call / instant messenger.

Search Display, PLA, Remarketing & Mobile campaigns

Conversion Tracking Setup & Google Analytics Setup.

Weekly/daily Private Data Dashboard updated

Quarterly Goal Setting based on your requirement

Specific action

Artificial Intelligence Based optimization for Net Profit

Competition Analysis & determine strategies that are delivering better results through pay per click advertising

Solutions Covered by Our Google Ads Experts

Search Campaign Management

Display Campaign Management

Dynamic PLA Remarketing Campaign Management

PLA Shopping Campaign Management

Youtube Video Campaign Management

Remarketing Campaign Management

Mobile App Promotion Campaign Management


Outstanding performance by Point Teck, within 3 to 4 months My AdWords account received good number of conversion which was out of my expectation. Before tie of with Point Teck PPC service I had one client now I've 20+ clients. In one word I can say they are simply best and have great team who knows how to give better client results within the budget.

Your Success Is Our #1 Priority.

Looking to Increase Sales/Revenues, through Google Ads Management?