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Hire the Best PPC Experts & Save upto 75% wasted spend on PPC Budget

PPC Expert Campaign Setup & Management

Increase the ROAS of you campaign in two to four months and control your PPC overspend, By hiring our certified PPC Expert. Increase Your Ad Ranks and Convert Your Visitor into Sales

Advertise With Our PPC Expert's. No Minimum Budget Needed.

Generate Leads & Boost Your Sales, Increase Return On Investment.

Use Our PPC Expert Sell Your Services and Products By Reaching Potential Customer's.

PPC Specialists Services

We Offer All Kinds Of Paid Marketing Strategies:

Paid Search Advertising: Want to advertise your business online and get sales, leads or brand awareness then you’re in the right place

Display Advertising -Increase Your Brand Awareness or User Acquisition, take control of your campaign results!

Mobile Advertising: Increase higher reach but lower CPC than Desktop Ads

Shopping Advertisements: Attract more number of visitors than Search Ads.

Campaign Setup & Manage: We set up and manage all type of campaigns

PPC Re-marketing: Re-targeting is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website and mobile app. Don't miss the re-marketing it dramatically increase your conversions rates and ROI.

Video Advertising: Convey Huge amount of Information in a Short Time

Universal App Campaign: Allows you to get discovered by relevant audience.

Campaign Optimization: We optimize your overspend or non profitable campaign & give better ROAS.

Lower your costs

Some Smart Feature Deploy By Our Google Ads Expert

Improve Your ROI

Smart Bid Management: Our PPC experts use automated bid strategies to optimize conversion with the help of auction-time bidding feature.

Smart Bidding Strategies includes:

  • Enhanced CPC
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
Smart Search Ads:

We setup and deploy smart search campaigns that allow you to advertise on Google, Google Maps and other partner sites. Attract more customers and highlight selling points of your business are some of the benefits of the smart search campaign.

Smart Display Campaign

Our PPC specialists create unique smart display campaign to provide a simple, intelligent solution to managing the complex variables of display advertising. We follow their technologies to setup this campaign;

  • Automated Bidding
  • Automated Targeting
  • Automated Ad creation
Smart Shopping Ads

Smart Shopping Campaigns maximize conversion rates with machine learning and automation technology.

Our PPC Management Process

We typically follow 7 steps to achieve your Business Goal's.

Bing and Google Certified PPC Expert’s! Our employee who manage you're campaigns are highly skilled and result oriented.

Understanding your Business Goal

Budget You Spent

PPC Copywriting

A/B Testing

Target Location & Audience

Strategic Keyword Research & Recommendation

Performance Reporting

Have A Look At Our Work & Statistics

PPC Work

Our PPC Specialist Pricing Details

  • $ 200
    Monthly Base Fee
  • Personal

    • No hidden fees.
    • No pressure.
    • Best for Personal use.
  • $ 250
    Monthly Base Fee
  • Premium

    • No hidden fees.
    • No pressure.
    • Good for Start-Ups, Bloggers & Small Businesses with a limited budget.
  • $ 350
    Monthly Base Fee
  • Advanced

    • No hidden fees.
    • No pressure.
    • Ideal for E-commerce, Big Companies to reach massive audiences.

Our PPC Expert Is Specialized In

Strong Competitors Research and Analysis

Strategic Keyword Ad Group Segmentation

PPC Ad Copy formation

Landing Page Development & Optimization

Measurement of PPC ROI

Strategic Keyword Research and Analysis

Dynamic PLA Remarketing Campaign Management

Money Saving Bidding and Geo Targeting

Setting Up Of the PPC Campaign

Call to Action setup & Revenue Conversion Analysis

Why You Should Hire PPC Expert From Point Teck?

Adwords Certified and Bing Certified

Increased earnings

Useful input bid management

Attractive Ad design with call to action

Increased ROI through stunning techniques

Extensive Keyword Research and analysis

Efficient management of CPC (cost per click)

Speedy increase in online visibility


Your Team has provided outstanding service over the past 3 years and I am happy to make a recommendation to anyone out there. Thank you so much for your help.- Carvalho, Skin Specialist

Hire a PPC Expert. You’re One Step Away !