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As Google AdWords Certified Partner with over 5 Years experience in PPC industry, we will provide you with all the help and assistance to set-up and manage effective and profitable campaign in the increasingly complex algorithm and competitive search marketing arena. Counting on our Team skill level, consistent account handling and steady growth, Google and other industry entrepreneurs have ranked us as top-tier professional PPC Agency for Google Ads management.

 We are the right PPC Management Agency that will make the right traffic for higher Conversion and better Revenue. Count on us for both like never before. We are also a Google Professional PPC company that focuses on shattering goal, while providing you with stronger and loftier customer experience. What’s more, we help SME companies increase Sales and engage New Customer like no one else. So, take the first step now – get in touch with us right away.
PPC Account Audit and Proposal

As far as Pay Per Click Management is concerned, we believe in achieving sustainable Profit Growth through data-driven insights. Here are the stats that make more sense in what we say:

  • More than 6.5 million people search the web on daily basis, so you can’t be wrong.
  • 41% of clicks on web search pages respond to paid ads, so you never lose.
  • 53% of people who click PPC ads invariably get in touch with the advertiser, so they can’t miss you.
  • 50% more chances of Conversions as compared to organic traffic, so this is the best route to make money.

 We are a dedicated team – Dedicated Account Manager will be assigned for each account who will perform on daily basis.

 With us Transparency, Clarity and Consistency rings true at every step

  • We provide month to month Reporting where the results do all talking….. that’s one of the reasons we are not so keen on long-term contracts.
  • You are free to leave any time you may please….. There is no binding, in case you feel unhappy about our performance; (Though none have done that so far)
  • We provide consistency at all stages…… even after taking care of your PPC management, we will look into other areas of your business that may need attention.

 Customers fall in love with our service: Customers do not remain as customers with us – they become friends. So, we always work in friendly environment – extending a friendly hand whenever needed. No wonder they fall in love with our services.

Here is a brief outline of our activities in different areas 

  • As Agency, we provide: (a) Case studies for reference; (b) Blogs
  • For PPC, we act as: (a) PPC Management Company; (b) PPC Agency; (c) AdWords Management Company; (d) Facebook Ads Agency; (e) SEM Agency.
  • For Conversion: (a) Conversion Agency; (b) Conversion Rate Optimization; (c) Conversion Optimization Service; (d) Conversion optimization Specialist
  • Design: (a) Landing Page Design; (b) Landing Page Agency; (c) Custom Landing Page Design; (d) Landing Page Company; (e) Landing Page Design Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discuss PPC Project

  • How much this service may cost me? That depends on your current state of affairs and your ultimate goal. Nevertheless, it will always be fair and transparent.
  • Does this involve any contract? Just a 3-month at the beginning; thereafter month-to-month.
  • Will I be able to follow the progress? Anytime and always. You will be the admin on all PPC accounts and nothing will be done behind your back.
  • What if I do not need Landing page design, but just need PPC assistance? If the cost concerns you, we might as well provide the design free, because you possibly can not have the one sans the other.
  • In what form will your reporting to be? You will be provided with a custom dashboard displaying all your PPC channels which will be formally updated by us on the first day of every week.
  • Would you be charging extra per campaign, and if so, how much? Nothing of the sort. Our fees are comprehensive, and so there is no scope for any extra charge.
  • How long will you take to start the operation? Right away; the earlier we hold the horns, better will be results.

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