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We at PointTeck can jolly well manage your Google AdWords (currently Google Ads) Account, chasing keywords that will overdrive buyers to your website at breakneck speed. Intricately focused keyword research conducted by us will actuate the key cost-effective approach towards obtaining clients that are desperately searching for just the stuff that are eager to offer.

Effective paid search campaign
PPC Account Audit and Proposal

Supported through the bevy of relevant research tools, we are mighty sure of developing effective paid search campaigns that are solely focused on meeting your intended cost per sale or lead. Through investing in Google AdWords or simply Google Ads, you would actually be aiding eager beaver buyers to locate your site, which would most probably not been possible through traditional, I men via organic search engine procedure.

Keyword Research for a stable foundation

Figuring out the keyword to bid on represents the underpinning behind a successful campaign. We at PointTeck will put our best foot forward towards researching keywords vis-à-vis costs to settle on those that have the right potential towards providing the ultimate ROI.

Competitor Campaign scrutiny

Since you are not the only one under the sun who endeavors to run Google AdWords campaign, it makes sense to take a peep at your competitors to assess their activities too. PointTeck will provide you with insight into their bids, spend and Landing Pages.

Actual campaign creation as also Ad Copy creation

In the new Google Ads experience, campaigns are created in consideration of a goal, and provide features and settings based on the actions you’d like your customers to take. All campaign settings and features will be provided for you by PointTeck, regardless of what goals you choose. Moreover, you can always make changes to your goals. PointTeck will also create the Ad Copy for you.

Landing Page design and development

PointTeck, aided by its comprehensive in-house design and development team will guide you in the right direction towards achieving a highly converting Landing Page. You may rest assured about the process adopted by PointTeck in this realm.

What about Reporting and periodic Conference?
contact for artificial based ppc management

You may also remain rest assured that PointTeck will provide you with periodic report of what has already been done and whatever is waiting in the wings. The Google AdWords management service company will also arrange periodic Conferences to exchange thought about how best to conduct campaigns.

Some interesting factors that relate to Google Ads

Attracts more visitors – Regardless of whether you intend to bring fresh set of website visitors, further develop online sales or intent on having loyal customers, Google Ads will become helpful for all.

Target the right traffic at the right hour – Your business gets found like a Pole Star on a star studded night by people on Google whenever they are searching for the stuff you precisely offer.

Google helps both when you advertise locally and globally – Irrespective of whether your target audience is located in Bronx or in the Queens, as also in Canberra and Adelaide, Google Ad remains equally effective.[/vc_column_text]

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